This three-day course is designed to improve the ability of those who ride regularly, but may not cover many miles each year, or for those who may have developed bad habits. It’s ideal for riders looking to be more stable at slow speeds, more assertive when overtaking, smoother during cornering and more confident moving their bike around when performing checks and routine maintenance. With a few simple and wellpracticed techniques, we can help you make significant improvements to your abilities.

What will it cover?

  • Full instructor assessment of your current skill level
  • Theory sessions to introduce advanced riding techniques
  • Use of counter-steering to improve smoothness
  • How to read corners, use of correct gears and correct road positioning
  • How to assess and execute a safe and assertive overtake
  • Recap of basic road riding manoeuvres and skills
  • Expect to cover around 400 miles on this course

At the end of this course, you'll have a new set of skills and techniques and there will be a noticeable improvement in how smooth your riding is and how much more confident you are.

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Road Skills -Level 1

2 day Road Skills Level 1 course
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Road Skills - Level 2

3 Day Road Skills Level 2 course
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Road Skills - Level 3 + RoSPA

A unique course to BMW Rider Training where you will experience 3 full days of expert tuition by a RoSPA qualified professional instructor who will guide you towards the RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle test which is taken on the morning of the 4th day.
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